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Nov 28, 2018

Today on That Podcast I Like: 
A Ladder, a Liar, a Glider and more stories from Florida. Find out why Tuesday's episode was released on Wednesday.

In the News: 

1. The Jacksonville Jaguars must be wondering why Jalen Ramsey’s game play isn’t as good as his talk game. He had some pretty harsh words about the Buffalo Bill’s rookie quarterback Josh Allen before he lead them to win against the Jags, he was just as opinionated about this week’s matchup against Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts.

2. On his first day of a vacation in Switzerland, YouTuber Gursk3 decided to try tandem hang gliding - which means he would be safely tethered to the hang glider, except they took off before he was strapped in and the next 2 minutes and 14 seconds are pure terror.

3. A couple on vacation in Florida was busted for allegedly going skinny dipping and getting a little too frisky on the beach in Sanibel. I’m pretty sure the local police have heard their excuse a time or two though.